Author : Rubal

There comes a time in almost every one of our lives, when people blame you, accuse you for the things of which you might not even be aware. They cross the limit of words, belittle you and break the walls of respect that used to be your only raabta (connection) to them. They end everything and pretend that you’re nothing without them and it’s not they, who hurt you, but it’s you who did so. You try to clarify things to them, give them explanations, even ask for their forgiveness because you know that whether it was intentional or unintentional, you hurt a creation of your Creator. You ask forgiveness for that reason.

But still, all you get is those sharp words, again. Your heart aches at such things. Yet, you remember, and remind yourself:

“With every hardship there’s ease.” If, in this case, hardship is in the form of some words, then it is your job to figure out what that ease is, which Allah himself has promised you?

Your heart whispers that:

“Ease is the belief that is in your heart, no matter what ‘they’ say.

Ease is the humbleness that was renewed in your heart towards your Lord when people betrayed you.

Ease is nature which contains signs that show us that every leaf has to fall, one day, it’s just about a ‘Kun’ (Allah’s command for the Universe to be, or exist).

Ease is the ink that lets you explain the cyclones of your head when people refused to bear them.

Ease is the firmness that you know that your lord is Al-Aleem, The Knowing! And He knows what’s there in your heart, and that’s enough.

Yes, that’s more than enough!

At the end of the day, you realized that hardship was about just a few words and ease is about a lot!

So, in midst of that chaos, you forgive, move on and your heart finds peace, again.”


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