Aura, as the name suggests, is a vibrant, luminous, and radiant ray of light, that has emanated from those chosen members of our Islamic Ummah, who have pledged to their inner conscience, while keeping all trust in Allah SWT that, they will strive to crush the many vile, harmful, confusing, and misrepresented portrayals and prejudices that surround the very notion of being a ‘woman’, and will bring forth before the world at large, that God-given fountain of virtues which God has blessed all human beings with, and hence which are embodied in the nature and inner disposition of women as well. No doubt, contemporary age is characterized as an age of knowledge due to an unprecedented advancement in science and technology, and yet, it will not be wrong if I assert that this age of knowledge, unfortunately, still bears the stigma of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Islam as a terrorist ideology and as a misogynistic and patriarchal religion which suppresses women and deprives them all those rights which are essential for her to grow and live as a full ‘human being’. Centuries have passed, but the self-worn veil of ignorance about Islam still hangs rigidly on a good section of humanity both in the West and in the East. My hands rise up to pray to Allah SWT: may these youthful, energetic, and full-of-potential hands which have initiated this timely venture of manifesting the real ‘aura’ which surrounds being a woman, and particularly being a woman in Islam, work in such a universal and Ummatic spirit, that they create history, and transform this age into truly becoming an age of authentic and truthful knowledge, including knowledge of Islam and of women in Islam. Ameen.


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