When most of the ‘popular’ women’s magazines have capitulated entirely to banal consumerism and lean-in feminisms, it is heartening to see a handful of feminist and women’s magazines that are resisting the appropriation of women’s rights agenda by the market. Aura’s birth is especially welcome because it will widen this agenda with Muslim women at the helm. The first issue looks spectacular. Going through its content I was reminded of Urdu women’s magazines that were published in India in the late colonial period. Like those periodicals Aura is a thinking, compassionate, and inquisitive women’s magazine. Its inaugural issue comes at an opportune time in history when marginalised women are leading movements for justice and equality across the world. I hope that the advisors, editors, contributors and the readers of Aura will foster a compelling journalistic and public culture in which the voices of women who are deemed ‘silent’ will be heard.


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