I am pleased to respond to my first glance of ‘Aura’. In literature sometimes, we romanticise suffering, this may be our way of escaping from the whole issue and problematising that may occur, a head in the mud attitude, but what ‘Aura’ is attempting to do is to remove the veil and see things as they occur. For some of us who perhaps might have been fortunate that we did not face much privations there is a sense of sadness, even of guilt. The attempt to educate the reader about current situations is an eye opener for those who can’t see beyond their nose. I am not a Muslim and hence see things presented differently, but I am not complaining because you have other voices from the marginalised. My suggestion would be to include articles on law and legislation, opportunities for women in various sectors for jobs, entrepreneurship, education sports etc., Build a world view which is universal.

I believe in the saying there is your view, my view and the Truth and I pray that the endeavour of ‘Aura’ be to get as close to that Truth which every great mind has attempted to get close to. May every voice that cries out in pain be soothed away by a world that will awaken towards humane values devoid of any differentness and see the universe as one.

All the very best, ‘Satyameva Jayathe’.


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