Author : Izeen Fatima

Young Writers’ Corner

Identity to me is the liberty to perceive myself or my personality and express it so. It is a process of self-determination and shaping of ideas and opinions, free from any bias of being born in a specific society. It is the reflection of one’s intangible beliefs onto perceptible behaviour or character.

On a personal level, my identity became clearer to me when I chose for myself over society. Deciding to wear a hijab irrespective of the general belief of oppression linked to it was my first step towards achieving singularity or individuality. Since then I have been looked down on constantly, judged over at every instance be it in the society or school, or when I went for inter-school meets where people even doubted my nationality. The journey hasn’t been an easy one, but will it ever make me give up? No! I started it as my choice but now it has become an unending fight for my identity. Life isn’t a bed of roses but it still never fails to surprise me with seasonal sunflowers as I go along. This resilience released me from the cages of societal opinions and if I cannot challenge the prisons of stereotypical theories related to independent women and their choices, then what good of an individual am I to the community?

I want to stand out and shake things up, even when people look at me with judgemental and narrow minds. I would never let myself i.e. my singularity be bullied or let tyranny come in my way of independence, liberty or freedom to choose my identity, and my decision to express it in and out the similar way.


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