I congratulate the sisters associated with this project, who have brought the much-awaited and highly-necessitated women’s magazine. The magazine aptly named ‘Aura’ represents the beautiful aura of a woman as envisaged in Islamic traditions. This aura is characterized by the noble values of modesty, dignity, elegance and full confidence in the feminine being.

Islamic traditions give great respect to women along with their feminine character. With the decline of traditional gender roles, modern societies are moving towards typical ‘unisex’ societies where only masculine roles are cherished and feminine roles are grossly despised. A woman is forced to surrender her feminine personality and imitate her male counterpart to look modern and progressive. At times, she is even expected to reduce her personality to her body and become the object of lust and the subject of consumption. Traditional societies have subjugated her by snatching her individuality and her freedom and confined her to the dark prison of irrational and chauvinist traditions; while modern societies have come out with another form of male chauvinism where male lust and perceived superiority of masculine roles and persona make the woman a prisoner of fake freedom.

Aura is being launched in this backdrop to demonstrate a perfectly moderate path providing women with the much-needed freedom from both kinds of exploitations and gives her ideal form of liberty, perfect equality, and complete justice with the fullest protection to her modesty and highest reverence to her feminine character.
I pray to Allah to make this initiative a great success and enable it to produce a great generation of confident Muslimahs who can truly follow the footsteps of Ayesha, Khadeeja, and Fatima (RA).


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