Author : Aura Staff

Kori Majeed & Saraah Lateef

Forty Green Hadith: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) on Environmental Justice & Sustainability” is a free and publicly available e-book released in December 2020 by two environmental activists who work on the intertwined areas of faith, environmental activism and sustainability, Kori Majeed and Saraah Lateef. In the tradition of compiling ahadith of the Prophet ﷺ on a variety of topics, the young activists have sought to put together this very accessible volume in order to tackle the immense issues of climate change, sustainability, and environmental degradation through the prism of faith and particularly through the life of the Prophet ﷺwho treated the world around him, including the environment and all its living beings with the utmost kindness in the awareness that the earth is a trust given to humankind, which means that it ought to be treated with justice and equanimity, not greed and corruption.

The compilation is a handy collection which can be readily used for awareness campaigns, interfaith activity, and discussions both within and beyond the Muslim community about the responsibilities towards the environment that are incumbent upon all of us. The compilation is divided into sections on elements such as water, earth, plants, animals and lifestyle, with relevant Qu’ranic passages also highlighted in turn for each section.

Particularly in a time where the pandemic has ensured a mammoth amount of biomedical waste in the past year, such collections are vital. In the final, reflection and discussion section, they offer nineteen questions for discussion that can be useful in groups or for self-reflection.


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