Category : POETRY
Author : Hiba Farook


“On my prayer mat, after seeking His forgiveness

A thought appeared in front,

serious and concerned it asked me.

Who are you?

Uttered my name, and I waited

Who are you?

Dissatisfied with my initial answer, it questioned again.

I am a girl, an aspiring writer, dreaming and living

in the land that maketh a soul feel at home.

No, Who are you?

It swirled around me, blurring my sight,

and took hold of me,

set to fly,

with no wings but just my soul.

Bewildered I looked around,

saw fractions of what formed into a collage of mirror.

I saw,

Depth of emotions filling up my heart.

Head brimming with stories and words.

Hands holding onto the galaxy of love.

Womb carrying ideas, afraid to be


Lungs puffing poetry of hurt.

Legs carved into journeys my soul lived.

Spine straightened with faith in my Lord


Eyes holding onto the hope I shine with.

Lips uttering beads of a rosary.

Tongue echoed praising Him.

All in all this art was who I am.

And as the thought crossed roads,

One after another, I saw

An infinite canvas of Who I am.

So, my friend, I have sent him to you,

Don’t fret, don’t confuse, don’t flee

It’s just a thought, about who you are.”


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