Author : Ummu Ramees
I stood in front of the mirror one more time to enjoy the new look of my hair. I was wanting to make my hair look curly just like my friend Alena. But my parents couldn’t afford to fulfil my wish. They said repeatedly that it is too costly to get it done. But I was insistent. I wanted to look as beautiful as Alena.
Today, I will give everyone a surprise. I can’t wait to listen to the comments of all my friends who used to admire Alena’s curly hair. As I reached the classroom everyone was around Alena. I could hear from a distance what she said: “I always wanted to straighten my hair to look as beautiful as Seena (that’s me). Only yesterday we got time to go to the parlour.” I slowly slipped into my seat with my head down due to my own foolishness.


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