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The news headline read out in bold letters,
“The riots are said to be a levelled response to the latter’s attack on Saturday morning.”

The news headline read out in bold letters,
“The riots are said to be a levelled response to the latter’s attack on Saturday morning.”

Sad, but not surprised?

“Anyways, what’s that to do with me? What can I do after all? I am just a layman hoping to clear my exams this time.”
The above words may just reflect the thoughts of millions across the country including this layman right here.
Deaths of farmers, lathi-charge on protestors, the jailing of innocents, and obviously the negligent response during the lockdown period. Sadly, we have accustomed ourselves to these daily news of brutality and violence.

However, amidst these hues and cries of hatred, some still yearn to work for a better tomorrow. Amidst these dark ashes of instigating violence, there are a few who still hold firmly to the lamp kindled with the essence of love and harmony.
It would be unfair to call these elements of hatred a creation of their own. Rather, it is the slumber of the good ones that have ignited the hatred spirit of the wicked. Hence, it is our utmost responsibility to counter these ideas of hatred and sincerely contribute to national interests.

With this long-term dream of entirely changing the corrupt political scenario one day, this layman presents his views and a 6-point solution for the same:

Establishment of a Peaceful Society

History bears testimony to the fact that hate struggles to survive in areas of harmony and peace. Hence, it is our responsibility to establish a secure society and form our homes into an embodiment of love. From the desks in our classrooms to the canteens in our workplace, each compound must be a reflection of goodwill and hope.

Development of Skills

Secondly, equip yourself with enough capabilities to fight for a better society. To this day, the nation yearns for a strong opposition behind the gates of the parliament building. Develop your oratory skills to speak for those without a voice. Make your soulful rendition a means to approach the halls of justice. In other words, nourish your skills and talents in such a way that you may become a ray of hope for those deprived of justice.

Promote Peace

Counter these ideas of hatred with the ultimate message of mercy. The Holy Quran states, “Good and evil are not equal. Repel (evil) with what is best, and you will see that the one you had mutual enmity with him will turn as if he were a close friend.” Allah asks us in the Quran to be compassionate and loving even with our enemies. The life story of our Prophet (PBUH) also points to his compassion for those who had expelled him from his homeland. Instil this quality of compassion towards our country’s brethren and learn to deal with forgiveness.

Forfeit Luxuries

The Ummah is indulged in fantasies. While hundreds of thousands cry for their daily meals, the greedy elites compete with their extravagances. One must refrain from such luxuries that act as intoxicants and paralyze the consumers from their empathetic feeling towards the general public.

Stand Firm onto Faith

Trials and difficulties are not new to the Muslim ummah. It is our responsibility to be steadfast upon our religion and connect ourselves further with our Creator.
“Do not become weak, nor be sad, you will be superior (victorious) if you are indeed true believers”{Aal-Imran 3:139}
Allah has promised one victory in the above Ayah on the condition that he/she shall stand firm on faith and remain true believers. Therefore, it is necessary to build a deeper connection with our Lord, irrespective of the situation.

Dream the Most, Do the Most! With a dream of a better country tomorrow wherein debates on development occur rather than on differences, let us all take a solemn oath to be good human beings and protect the integrity of our great nation.

Signing off with a few self-composed heartfelt couplets:

Masses! Time that you raise your voices To create awareness, not mere noises Let’s speak up against these atrocities Together, let’s unite for peace


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