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In these times, humans are trying to escape from Allah’s religion thinking they are going to be free, but actually getting into the slavery of the worldly things like society, desire, fashion, money, trends, people’s standards, etc. The mere definition of freedom is to act, speak and think as one wants. To have the right to choose, the right to create for oneself the alternative of choice. But don’t we make decisions on the basis of others’ opinions, to please people or temporary desires which leads to no good? We as human beings didn’t get to choose who we want to be when we came to this world, we didn’t choose the place of birth, ethnicity, family, our parents, race, gender, color of skin, eyes or hair. We have unique DNA but we didn’t ‘choose’ to have it. It was ALLAH’s decisions – all of them and we think we can escape from the reality He has put us in. This society praises itself about being free, that we can do whatever we want to do, but can we really do that? We have to talk in a certain way to be a part of the community. we have to dress in a certain manner to be accepted by the world, we have to spend in a certain way to be appreciated. We have to treat people in a certain way to be considered as being a good person. Every man or woman is living to make someone happy or to be approved by someone, either by society, parents, spouses, children, relatives, friends, strangers online or even themselves. But the only one we must make happy is ALLAH swt to achieve the greatest freedom. We only have to please Allah and worry about His approval and happiness. The only goal should be ALLAH’s raza (approval). The Westernized culture is playing with our Iman. We think if we move away from the religion, we can be free from rules or guidelines on how we should live. But we drift more into the slavery of this world, getting away from ALLAH. Now we have more eyes to please, more minds to get approval from and more hearts to ask for love. For getting rich and wanting all the luxury of this duniya we are running after we have sold out the AMANAH in our hearts and threw away the namaz behind. For the fashion or new trends every day we are compromising the hijab. To please people, we have forgotten it is our duty to please ALLAH swt only. The Prophet Mohammad SAW showed us simple and beautiful nikah, but adapting other cultures we have made nikah a burden on ourselves and a nightmare; these are merely some examples to understand the real freedom which is far away from what we think it is. When ALLAH has already told us that fate or destiny is only in his hand. We caged ourselves by worrying about the future, killing our freedom to live contently or peacefully. This is human tendency to think, worry or plan about the future but things don’t always go as we want them to be. Being a believer, we can rely upon ALLAH and make dua, instead, we lack the trust and get caught up in the torments of the future. We choose suffering over peace just for the mythical freedom the world talks about. These times and society are brainwashing us to think that we are bound by the rules and that our religion is a heavyweight holding us back. But we actually don’t see that the freedom that Allah has given us is far clearer and more beneficial to us in this world and afterlife as well. May ALLAH swt give us the guidance to overcome this notion of non existing freedom by submitting to Him.


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