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Author : Shariya Khan
The word Freedom itself holds a lot of meanings for different people coming from different age groups, different gender, different strata of society, with different ideas and personalities. So, the real meaning of freedom is not just based on an idea of a single person rather based on a wide range of ideas and hopes. We often talk of freedom at national and international levels and also at the level of religion and communities within a society, but we forget to check for this idea of freedom in our families within our relations. Let’s try to understand this Real Meaning of Freedom at such a small level we often tend to neglect.

As we talk about our Indian families, men have always been the controllers and commanders. We proudly say that the trends are changing, now the women are also educated, employed and respected but the truth is never seen superficially. The gap between these two traits of being recessive and dominant is still the same. We think that the women are getting Freedom at the level of their interests and needs.

Are the women at our homes really free?
Do we ever ask them, What all they expect to be Free?
Do we ever try to ask them if they really feel Free?
Most of us don’t feel these questions need to be asked. We think there’s everything our women are getting like clothing, jewelleries and other luxuries, whatever they need, but we forget that there’s much more beyond this materialistic world.

Freedom for our sisters, daughters, wives and mothers doesn’t mean that they want to be free from their household duties or they want to become dominant like men or they want to impose their ideas on others. They just only need to be independent enough to make decisions and feel free to put them forward among all with a surety in their hearts that their ideas are valuable and accountable. They just need to be loved and cared the same way they love and care for everyone their whole lives. They just need to be acknowledged and praised for all the uncountable gestures and flawless actions. They can’t always be perfect so they just need to be explained with patience and peace whenever they lag somewhere. They just don’t need to prove their character, they just need to be trusted and treated well. They just need to be proud of themselves for whatever they are. They just don’t need to feel suffocated with those choking question marks all around. In this way the real meaning of freedom could be understood according to one of the main pillar of society, that is the women.

The Real Meaning Of Freedom Should Be Like

It’s not always

She needs to fly

There’s no fixed rules required to apply

It’s not always

She need the wings

She could survive even within the rings

It’s not always

She should hold her words

There are some times

She wishes to be heard

Let her fail and Let her try free with the ideas she could imply

Let her fall and Let her improve

It’s not always

She needs to prove

Let her handle the curves in her path

It’s not always She needs a straight path

Respect her existence

Maintain a lovely coexistence

She doesn’t want wisdom

For her this could be Real Meaning of Freedom

With the idea of being free one shouldn’t confuse with a purposeless and non-directional life; rather we should think of endless opportunities in our way to enjoy the freedom to its fullest. Although the real meaning of freedom could be different for different personalities, the feeling of being free is almost the same. So, we don’t need to bound even our relations with endless hopes and conditions rather let them free to get nourished and flourished in the best possible ways. This will ultimately strengthen them with the pleasure of being free at all.


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