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Coherently, the true essence of freedom is attained when an individual comprehends the true purpose of his/her existence.

A living being free of any bondage or captivity is said to be free. A human being who has his/her basic rights such as Right to Live, Right to Educate, Right to Work, unexploited by a fellow being is declared to have freedom. This is the generic view of freedom. In my perspective, freedom can be broadly viewed in two ways – freeing oneself from being enslaved to others and freeing oneself from being enslaved to themselves. Any living being which is not forced to derail the track of its natural course of life is free. To illustrate, imagine a cocoon breaking open, and a beautiful butterfly flies out of it. For this outcome, the caterpillar has to bind itself within its protective casing. This does not mean it is captivated or oppressed. This stage is of utmost significance in its lifecycle to transform into its magnificent form. Likewise, every living being has a preset disposition to trail along life’s journey. In recent times, men and women have increasingly disrupted this perfectly paved path of guidance, deluded by their unethical whims and desires. These individuals consider divine wisdom and spiritual rulings to be constricting and oppressive. They claim the people of belief to be “Enslaved” by these rulings and directives. On the contrary, these individuals who follow their notions are the ones strayed out of the enlightened route, to explore the city of identity crisis amidst chaos, in doomsday. In the process of prepping themselves to meet the unsettling absurd standards of “The Progressive People” on this earth, they have dug deep down and enslaved their own souls. Coherently, the true essence of freedom is attained when an individual comprehends the true purpose of his/her existence. People liberate themselves when they overcome their passive-aggressive emotions. Negative qualities like pride, greed, envy, jealousy are common characteristic traits in an individual. Every human being has to tackle these feelings every second of their lives. In today’s world of pomp and show, every person wants to be elite. People are readily agreeing with rip offs and scams, to just stay a step ahead in the society. Let me just break it down for you. To cash in on insanely expensive gadgets specifically for its brand logo, to shop and hoard heaps of clothes and cosmetics just because it’s promoted by some celebrity, we find avocados, berries and dragonfruit creeping into our houses when we have our own rich platter filled with seasonal fruits and veggies equivalent in nutrition and much more beneficial. But why? Well, this is happening as we are being engulfed by the negative qualities. It is to prove one’s superiority over their fellow mate by the possession of expensive commodities and a lavish lifestyle at any expense. This double edged sword can be a malicious ecstasy when you acquire it, or a gnawing critter, when you hanker it and cannot afford to live it. By and large it is evident that a capitalist, racist superior force amongst fellow beings is constantly prevalent and awaits to overpower. Giving in and enslaving ourselves by falling prey to their oppressively influential business gimmicks and considering it bigger than our lives insinuates that we disregard the sanctity of our freedom. Do not let history repeat itself. It is crucial to recall that, we as Indians did trade and established transport and educational systems in collaboration with the businessmen and political leaders from the West. However, we were not ready to trade our country and people to the ruthless invaders. We fought for our freedom with Integrity and Steadfastness. The Halo of Liberation dazzles on when an Individual breaks the captivating chains of negative emotions with these assertive qualities. What do you think is freedom? Is it to have a constant belief and enriching values of all times that can help you differentiate between the path of salvation and a mirage of deviation or to change from time to time, living in uncertainty, dreaded by the fear of being judged forever?


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