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We at Aura are pleased to present our fourteenth issue in front of our Readers, particularly after the successful anniversary celebrations spanning the month of February and concluding on March 2nd. The programs were well-received and the support that was showered on Aura by our dedicated readers, contributors and well-wishers has given us even more energy for the journey ahead.

In our April issue, we have focused on multiple topics – health, including mental health, children’s health and religious perspectives on health and well-being; Ramadan, including some practical tips for all and experiences of fasting from a few women; and World Book Day, which includes book reviews from our young readers. Dr Ambedkar’s birthday on April 14th also features in this issue, apart from tips on how to invest wisely.

The holy month of Ramadan that is upon us, is one for introspection and deepening one’s relationship with the Creator. It is the blessed month during which the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw), beginning with the word Iqra, or read. The zeal for reading and gathering righteous knowledge is one that we at Aura share with our dear readers. We hope that this relationship will flourish in the coming years, and we invite you all to share your precious creativity with our magazine.

The recent judgement on hijab has been a source of discussion among all women, even beyond India. Hijab has become the site of a polarized discourse in which Muslim women’s agency of choice, as well as their submission and obligation towards their Creator has been overridden by political machinations and legal pronouncements that do not fully honour the ideals of freedom of religion & conscience available to Indian citizens. We invite our readers to submit their work on these interrelated topics as well, moving beyond the topical & immediate to more in-depth analyses of what these concepts mean in practice and text alike.

For our next issue, we invite our contributors to send pitches and pieces on debates around motherhood, the need for safe motherhood and post-natal care, the experiences of nurses in India, and around the topic of press freedom.

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