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The 5-year-old me was fascinated, seeing my mother reading unabated; The 10-year-old me loved to recite, speed and defeating my sibling was the appetite; The 16-years-old me started reading the translation, in order to grasp the narration; The 20-year-old me dived into Tafsir, discovering pearls like ‘Maududi’ and ‘Kathir’; Migrating through Ramayana, Mahabharat and Bible and the Quran; the journey itself was a trial, but for my soul vital; mountains cannot hold its weight, but it was “Ummat-eMohammed’s”(saw) fate; counsel for “Ashraful Makhluqat’s” trait, for “People of the book” to conflate; reading my Rabb’s invaluable words, unbeknownst emotions were stirred; books of the world got blurred, thirst for my Rabb’s emerged; “Verily in the remembrance of Allah(swt), do hearts find rest”, the guilt, the trauma, the tears, caressed; ‘Kun Faya Kunʼ expressed, issues of my heart addressed; Isn’t this book outstandingly brilliant ? dealing with both- the vulnerable and resilient, Dunya becoming increasingly malignant, yet the Quran is consistent; art, commerce, science – broadly, yet all issues covered succinctly; relevant yesterday , relevant today, relevant tomorrow, the significance continues to grow. so blessed is a Hafiz, favoured immensely to be a whiz; a ‘miracle’ of the Prophet(saw) for the heart’s bliss, ready to pull it out from the abyss; meanwhile i struggle with Hifdh and Tajweed, too stubborn to recede; envious of the breed, who has mastered the revelations of our creed; And my thoughts end with a dream, that my Rabb supreme; appreciates my ‘Tajweed’, in the gardens of ‘Jannah’, in the presence of the Jannati decreed.


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