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Author : Aura Staff
Tracing the imprints of G. Durgabai, Ammu Swaminathan, Amrit Kaur, Dakshayani Velayudhan, Hansa Mehta, Renuka Ray, Sucheta Kripalani, Purnima Banerji, Begum Qudsiya Aizaz Rasul, Kamala Chaudhri, and Annie Mascarene on the Indian Constitution, Chetan’s work is an attempt to reclaim the lost voices behind the Constitution, exemplary and luminous as they were in their own right. The women who were part of the shaping of the Indian Constitution are lesser known in the public sphere and lesser taught in our schools except for passing mentions or as answers to quiz questions. While there have been some biographical attempts to trace their lives individually (some more than others), this study of the Constitution’s making is unique. Working by examining documents, records of committees, dissenting notes and personal correspondence, Chetan calls them the “missing mothers” of our Constitution, challenging the ubiquitous phrase that we all know, “founding fathers.” Chetan also traces the ideological differences between the eleven women, coming from different social locations, religions, and political positions. This Republic Day, for those who want to know more about these women, this book may be of use.


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