There was a child who wanted to be a star,
A star, he used to admire every night from afar
He always wondered – how does it feel to shine?
He thought, “One day the sky will be mine.”
He used to tell everyone about his dream,
But his friends always made fun of him
One day he came back home, quite sad.
His father, worried, asked his lad –
He told him everything about his dream and friend
His father simply smiled and told him to stand,
He took his hands and made him secure:
‘You will touch the sky one day for sure
Never lose your hope and do hard work
All worries, the negativity you have to shrug’
The child, growing up with his father’s advice
Became successful and made the world rise,
One day, again, he looked at the sky and smiled
‘Not the sky, but the world is now mine’.


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