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We can see intelligence in our children when they start to balance their left and right brains. A child who uses both sides of the brain has creative imagination as well as logical and analytical ability. Developing a child’s intelligence means letting him use both sides of his brain. To do this we must understand which part of the child’s brain is active.

Translated by Mumtaz Fatima from DawatNews

To develop the intelligence of children, parents should let them use all the capacities of their brain because every child has many capacities of the brain. Most of the time children don’t know how to use intelligence which makes them confused. This confusion can also be felt through their body language. Children appear confused due to lack of confidence and shyness. Before we can figure out how intelligence works in children, we need to know how their brains work. Our brain has two parts, one is the left part and the other is the right part. Both the left brain and right brain work differently.

Two parts of the brain:

We can see intelligence in our children when they start to balance their left and right brains. A child who uses both sides of the brain has creative imagination as well as logical and analytical ability.

Developing a child’s intelligence means letting him use both sides of his brain. To do this we must understand which part of the child’s brain is active.

The left brain has many functions. We will take a look at some important functions:

The main function of the left brain is to think logically. This means Logical Analysis. Left-brained children love math. Children are very good at reasoning. They quickly learn the reason behind anything, but these children cannot remember the path, they are less fond of drawing than others. They have less enthusiasm than others for trying something new, however, they have a very positive attitude towards books. They like to learn something new all the time.

How to develop logical thinking in children?

What should be done to develop logical thinking in children? This can be made possible by a few simple experiments. If parents follow the mentioned suggestions, logical thinking will surely develop in their child. Their practical knowledge will improve. You will surely like the steps and experiments done by a father to improve practical knowledge in his children.

A father goes to the market every Sunday with his nine-year-old and six-year-old daughters to buy vegetables. Before buying vegetables, he assigns a few tasks to his girls. According to the assigned responsibility, the girls will remember the vegetables bought by their father along with their prices and quantities and note them down on paper when they return home. Both the girls do this work separately. The father adjudges the girl who performs better than the two to be successful.

How to give practical education to children :

The girls used to get excited and determined just thinking about the competition. They would first focus on thier father’s shopping. Dad first bought okra or cauliflower, how much did he buy and forhow much did he buy etc? Did the father bargain with the shopkeeper or not? The girls observed everything. After coming home, their first task was to note down such things as which vegetables were bought, how much and for how much etc.

Left brain development through conversation:

We see that most parents do not take their children along when they go to buy vegetables. They meet their children at home, in their living room, in front of the television, or at the dinner table. Whenever you go out for some work, take your children with you. When parents go out with children, they have a chance to interact and understand them. Parents can better understand the child’s way of thinking through conversations during shopping.

When a father takes his child to buy vegetables, the child has a purpose in mind. As the goal comes to mind, the child’s senses a way to remember something. Mentally he prepares himself. This helps him automatically understand things like the names of vegetables, units of measurement and how business is done.

Thus the development of the left brain practically begins. When we involve our children in our activities, their left brain starts working efficiently. Providing this practical knowledge is very important in today’s mechanized age for promoting mental development.

Look carefully, children’s eyes speak so many things.
Once an old man came to meet me. “My grandson lives at home and he likes to be alone,” he said. I want to develop his personality. What shall I do?
I said, “How much do you trust your grandson?”
He looked at me in surprise & said, “How can I know how much I trust my grandson?” How do I know this, what is the measure to find it, & how do I measure confidence?

I said, “From today you watch your grandson carefully.”
The old man smiled & said, “I see him every day.” I said, “What I mean is that you pay attention to him, and observe his movements and other activities.” Watch his body language. When does it change? When does he feel awkward? When does he feel comfortable? How does he move his arms and legs? What are his eyes doing? Are his eyelids down? Sometimes you will see confidence in his eyes. If his body language expresses freely,he will speak freely. If he feels something quickly, he is confident. If there is a disturbance in the body language, then know that there is a lack of confidence in him. Visualize your grandchild’s body language to see what he is like.

The old man was satisfied with my explanation. From that day he started observing his grandson every day. What do his eyes say when the doorbell rings? If the child’s father entered the door, he would start dancing. When a stranger comes, he immediately goes inside. He is afraid of being in front of strangers. His body language shrinks when he sees unknown people.

When the old man came to know that his grandson was afraid of unknown people, he started taking him to the mosque every day for prayers. In the beginning, he would cling to his grandfather after seeing many strangers. Seeing this, the old man would greet the people and extend histheir hands to shake hands with them. He would also ask the grandson to greet him and extend his hand for a handshake. After a few days, the child now started walking around the mosque without any strangeness. In a very short time, he also got used to facing strangers. Just like the body language of the child in the house, now the same body language started to be expressed freely outside the house.

Body language is a mirror of personality

The old man was invited to a birthday party in a neighbouring buildingnneighbouringbuilding. He also took his grandson with him to the event. A lot of people were present at the event. The child had never seen such a large gathering of people together. The child closed his eyes. He was hearing voices but was not quite ready to open his eyes. The old man felt embarrassed by the child’s behaviour because the other children were jumping and making noise and his grandson was sitting with his eyes closed. He came out with his grandson. He realized that his grandson was shy of new people. He wanted to expand on the nuances of his body language. After that, he decided to take him to a new place every day.

The most important thing for parents to understand about children is their children’s behaviour. They should pay particular attention to how their child behaves in a particular situation. The body language of any man, not just children, is a great indicator of understanding him. If the child’s body language is free from any pressure, then he will be able to use it freely. Using independent body language means that the child has confidence and a child who has confidence will be able to use his abilities better.

Shy children are also intelligent.

It is a common misconception that shy children do not make full use of their intelligence. It has often been observed that children with creative abilities prefer to be alone. Solitary minds are full of creativity. All it takes is a pat and a push to unleash their creativity. If the old man understood the expression of physical movements and gestures of the grandchild in the beginning, we could say that he understood his grandchild better.

What should parents do?

Parents should study their children’s body language carefully for ten minutes every day. This issue is not only limited to children, but this problem also affects our colleagues. The faces of our friends tell us a lot. Physical expression is quiet but it screams and introduces people’s personalities. If the body language of the family members is good and appropriate, then such an environment proves to be the best for development. If the children’s body language does not express sincerity, then their appearance also becomes dull and their personality becomes stunted.


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