Author : Dr Amna Shabi

Dr Amna is a doctor by profession, and the social media and English print media in charge of
Jamaat e Islami Hind Ladies Wing Maharashtra.

Islam means peace. Islam advocates peace. Islam synchronises with peace. Salam,
the root word of Islam manifests global harmony, national brotherhood, community
concord and self tranquillity. These manifestations of peace, at the outset, are
explicitly the core foundations of building the Islamic society.

Peace personified within oneself is a direct reflection of the maturity the person possesses. The basis for this inner peace could be his understanding of the deen. He is at peace knowing that his belief in Allah Ta’ala and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the authoritative faith that Islam wishes to establish. Further, this person has learnt to govern his likes and dislikes in accordance with the halal haram equation of Islam. He is at peace when he refrains from sins. His underlying composure knows no bounds when he seeks forgiveness from the Almighty. As quoted in the glorious Qur’an, in Surah Ar Ra’ad verse 28, Surely, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort; a person’s spiritual and psychological being is at profound peace when he is in the presence of Allah Ta’ala.

Having accomplished inner peace, the person is equipped to set up this peace at the level of his family. Being conscious of his responsibilities towards his spouse, the person who is now a God-fearing Muslim, would refrain from being delinquent. He would take utmost care of his spouse, and love and respect would follow suit, thus instituting a peaceful, joyous and serene family life. With the addition of children, the family would predominantly focus on the child’s Islamic upbringing. They would italicize their own role in the physical, economic and emotional support that their family is in need of. At the periphery, the likes of this extended family which is free from conflict, squabble and disagreement would be the understructure and bedrock of an Islamic society.

Every individual, who comprises this society recognises and puts into practice his roles and responsibilities towards his fellow men. He remains honest, dutiful and truthful at his workplace. He obeys the laws of the society. He respects life and does not harm anyone’s moral or personal emotions. He admires and honours the other person’s rights. He is considerate of the health, wealth, knowledge and culture of every member of his society. He enjoins the divine teachings of justice and equality. When a cluster of such stable, substantiated communities forms the pedestal of the world, why wouldn’t the world be a morally righteous place for all of us?

Therefore, as the world demands peace; the answer lies within the core ideology of Islam. It is up to the Muslims, to exhibit this inner peace and strengthen their bonds with their fellow countrymen.


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