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A smile that soothes the darkest nights,
Her laughter:
a symphony of pure delights
In her gentle touch
all fears subside
A refuge found, where love will reside

In the embrace of dawn’s first light
A love so tender, a heart so bright
She stands as a beacon steadfast and true
My guiding star, my anchor through

Through trials faced, her strength endures
A fortress strong, a love that assures
She weaves a tapestry of love and grace
Each thread is a bond that time can’t erase

Her eyes, the windows to a world of care,
With every glance, burdens I share
A love so deep, words fail to convey
Yet in her presence, I find my way.

Through joy and tears, she stands tall
My mother’s love, the greatest of all
In every heartbeat, her love does reside
A gift from heaven, forever I’ll abide.

No one can my love unveil
For it’s born within Hani’s
heart’s detail…


  1. Nilofer Iqbal

    Masha Allah…too Good ????

  2. Nilofer Iqbal

    Masha Allah…too Good ????

    • Filza

      Ma sha allah tabarakallah

  3. Filza

    Very heart touching


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