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Sanctity of humanity
lies in the provision of donation.
Neither a luxury
nor any possession
lead a way to His devotion.

The sincerity of building
the heart’s rhyme and rhythm right,
will grow a virtuous seed
of kindness and compassion
to a great height.

So, practice this act thy blessed humans
to collect rewards again and again.
This life will end soon,
but good deeds in the hereafter
will forever sustain.


Give, give charity-
to the unfortunates and the needy,
their impaired situation demands.
Money, clothes, food or time
provide anything except a shoo of thy hands.

The deprived, the poor
has an appetite for thy compassion and empathy,
for the struggle continues
everyday in their lives, endlessly.

Receive, receive my favor-
The fortunates, the generous
Allah Almighty said to announce.
For the one who ease some burden,
and arranges a good comfort that surrounds.

The successful, the wealthy
can make a difference in society.
Oh wait! even you can give charity
from a very small portion of your pay
be it thy pocket money or any of thy savings.
The Exalted will definitely award you
with Jannah- the firdous al a’la.
Let’s be an inspiration, a motivation
that bring colours of joy


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