Category : POETRY
Author : Muarrah Nisar

Amidst a world of fractured trust,
Where media’s light has turned to dust,
We face a battle fierce and grim,
For truth and justice to unshackle the dim.

Once heralded as the people’s guide,
Media’s essence now seems to hide.
Leaders revel in their veiled disguise,
While honesty and integrity meet their demise.

Corruption thrives, unchecked and bold,
As the media’s conscience is bought and sold.
The fourth estate, a power immense,
Must rise anew, regain its sense.

When ethics vanish, darkness grows,
And leaders thrive, deceit they sow,
Corruption’s dance, a wicked waltz,
A painful truth, our hearts exalt.

But hope’s not lost, let’s dare to dream,
To mend the fabric, stitch the seam,
Reclaim the essence, reignite,
A media that empowers the right.

Let courage rise, in every heart,
To tear deception’s webs apart,
Unveil the truth, with fervent might,
In stories just, we shall unite.


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