Category : POETRY

Budding writer/poet hailing from the town of Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu

A dime a dozen of three years we presume to survive.
Greeting from your students with no smiles on their faces.
Though paperwork the night before seemed like a gruelling race.
Some days are just demanding and frustration takes its course of drive.

Now we hear that special calling to which you always will stay true.
The dedication and devotion is to them.
Because of you, we carry each day as a unique, historic, momentous gem.
Then you see those little faces, their inspiration is your force which they rue.

The classroom reminds you why you’re there.
Making a difference in children’s lives with whom your heart you share.
There’s a special pride in teachers and a love for what you do.
And appreciation’s always shared between those little lives and you!
Because we share these years of each day nothing less than a Gala we dare.


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