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Today, we see AI in the form of Autocorrect and Autopilot, recommendations on
entertainment and shopping, competing in games, navigation, speech and face
recognition and even healthcare.

A car that can drive itself, a device that shows you the best way home, to a real voice that can speak, and search data for you and tell you jokes….this was the artificial intelligence we knew, the basic image of the “smarter technology”. But now, artificial intelligence goes to a whole new level that most of us can’t even imagine.

But What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a human-made intelligence that can replicate the human mind and perform tasks better and faster. It is made of several algorithms that are designed to perform tasks just like the human brain – to store huge memory and solve problems, compare data and do other tasks.

Today, we see AI in the form of Autocorrect and Autopilot, recommendations on entertainment and shopping, competingin games, navigation, speech and face recognition and even healthcare.

Advantages Of Ai

Artificial intelligence has evolved to lighten human efforts, and it has done so in many ways. The biggest merit is that it strengthens the global economy – faster and better production with a lesser chance of errors leads to an increase in profits. The system of advertisements, product transport and even home delivery are all aspects of AI. It saves time and money in the market as well as in daily life. Reports say that Global GDP is set to rise 14% by 2030 because of AI.

It has also taken research projects to a new dimension. AI has enabled study and exploration at impossible places like space and the ocean. Crime investigation, security and defense mechanisms also have been revolutionized. Weather and disasters can be predicted with higher precision. The photography, animation and filmmaking industry is also using AI to create life-like images and graphics.

The Chatgpt-4 itself is so unimaginable, it can write poems, and stories, and generate and accept images. It does not just give information but converses with the human-like any learned person, gives advice, asks questions and even does reasoning. It has passed many medical, law and business school examinations (except the UPSC!)

If AI is this huge today, what will become of it tomorrow?

Expecting The Unexpected

Every new invention has its limitations, and yes, there are a number of risks with AI too. When all human work is done by a machine, what will humans do? The creativity and imagination of the human mind will be diminished tremendously when all such work is done by AI.

The most evident disadvantage is the loss in the job market. Experts say that unemployment shall be a temporary problem and mankind will find a bigger dimension of work, but whether AI will allow it, or not, remains a question.

Hence the most feared danger of AI is said to be that it may grow beyond human intelligence, and eventually take over the world! But how and to what extent? There are different theories regarding the unexpected dangers of AI, like a super powerful dictator, and self-constructing and multiplying robots who could outgrow the human population or could gain enough power to form their own civilization on Earth and other planets.

An open letter in March 2023 was signed by 50,000 signatories including the business magnate Elon Musk; the letter warned against the unpredicted side of AI and suggested a six-month pause on all AI research systems. It said –

“Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable”

Other opinions are also notable, especially of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in an interview with the BBC in 2014. He said: “that superhuman artificial intelligence could provide incalculable benefits, but could also end the human race if deployed incautiously.”


The only problem is that we are not yet developed enough to live with the powerful AI – our education system, job markets, security, and even politics and economy are not strong enough, and neither do we know what else the AI is capable of doing. Hence the only solution for us is to limit the use of AI till society can keep pace with it.
The prime minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak announced hosting a global summit on safety in AI. The summit plans to consider the risks of technology and its solution through “internationally coordinated action.”
Besides this, we need other policies and regulations directing human-centred and transparent AI. If the threat of AI is not converted into an opportunity, then it shall be a danger to humanity. 

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    Considering the disadvantage of AI we have to save the human first


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