Category : POETRY
Author : Sana Taslim

My Dear Son,
The faster you grow,
like a river responsibilities will flow,
Never give up and miss the glow
For the Almighty’s help will be there from above and below.
Surround yourself with the pious indeed,
They will help and guide whenever in need,
Your efforts and practice will help to grow.
If He wills blessings and bounties will overflow.
Respect and love the small and the elderly alike
Help and support everyone you meet as you live your life.
Everything is possible when Allah is your Guide….
Never forget this , wherever you reside….
Hold tight to the rope of Allah …
This is how more will you love Rasoolullah..
Being a parent is a tough job,
Merely raising you is not enough,
My goal is to make you successful in both the worlds,
So as to be with you here and above.
This heart and hands which always prayed for you, may not be there …..
Everyone has to face this, do not despair.
Remember my words when I am gone,
And pray for me when I am no longer along.
Be a strong person whom nothing can shake,
Be steadfast in your faith so nothing can break.
Your duty is to accept your fate
And pass the Word of Allah at every gate…


  1. A Kareem

    Masha Allah

  2. Muniruddin M. K.

    I love it. Great words and great advice for children

  3. Nazreen

    Words with sharp meaning and close to the heart..
    Great loving advice from a loving mom to a loving son whomsoever it may concern…
    As a mom’s love is the same in all the corners of the world..


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