Category : POETRY
Author : Ashifa Yunus

To some, you are to dominate the audience.
To some, you act as a cultural canvas.
To some, you are a mediation of religion,
And of course, I am “mass media”, your so-called friend.
We live in a world filled with hatred and far,
And ‘you’ are acting as petroleum jelly, a fire starter.
Who am I to JUDGE you, or who are you to JUDGE me?

I am no one.
I am not your maker.
You are not my maker.
We are all the same.

How long will the story have to be told?
Don’t judge me by my place of worship or color, or where I come from.
Show the right side of truth and try to spread peace,
Because we are all children of one mother.
We all speak, we all eat, we will all die.
Telling us the truth isn’t really their game,
Everything is slanted and nothing is straight!
They bend our minds, they tell us who to hate.

Who are you to JUDGE us?
What do the people want to hear?
More about actual facts.
But not so today’s mass media,
Which just wants to grind an axe.

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