Author : Aura Staff
Nabeela Syed is the 23 year old Advocate and a Muslim woman of Indian origin, was elected to Illinois General Assembly in the 2022 United States midterm elections. At her victory speech, she spoke of her historic victory:

“My name is Nabeela Syed. I’m a 23-year-old Muslim, Indian-American woman. We just flipped a Republican-held suburban district. And in January, I’ll be the youngest member of the Illinois General Assembly.”

Syed’s victory is the latest representation of a wave of diverse young women from different religious backgrounds and progressive ideological fronts who have been elected in the past few years in the United States, despite the repressive “Muslim ban” that Donald Trump brought in and the growth of Islamophobia in the country. Syed has worked on issues like inter-faith dialogue and has been voted on a plank of social issues like healthcare, addressing women’s rights, education and taxes.


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