Category : Obituary
Author : Annam Nimra
The following is a poem written by Sister Firdouse’s niece, Annam Nimra.

It was an early Friday morning Unpredictable, unimaginable, incomprehensible My heart dropped with the loudest thud – We had lost a disguised angel. She never said she was leaving She never said goodbye Her last petal had fallen before we knew it And only the Almighty knows why. For a while, I lived in sheer denial I could see her warm smile, her gentle face, Rewinding and replaying all our joyous moments; Now, she is irrefutably in a better place. She was the definition of altruism She was the jack of all trades She led behind an irreplaceable void Her children’s eyes mirrored grief of all shades. In fondest memory of my dearest aunt


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