Every one of us has surely experienced the sweetness of the fragrance of a beloved passerby. Even if the person has passed, some strongly smelling perfumes leave their prints on the memory of the people on the way and for some moments, we indulge in it. Have you ever thought about the long-lasting effect of anything which can’t be seen or smelled, yet can be felt with awe?

Yes! It is kindness and mercy. These are some of the most captivatingly attractive qualities which not only capture the attention of people but also softens hearts and souls. Speaking a good word or even smiling can make someone’s day. It is like the magnet which attracts everyone around us. People achieve and acquire many higher positions and statuses in their life but they may be called illiterate or uncouth if they are devoid of manners and kindness. Whereas an extremely uneducated person may be immensely respected for his manners, etiquette, kindness and mercy.

Kindness is not merely a quality which means to be good to others; rather it is an attitude to cultivate in even one’s hardest times. At the end of our lives, we won’t be carrying our degree with us to the graves, but it is the unseen, magical stuff inside us which will bewitch the people left behind. It is a language which doesn’t have words but is instead a cryptic code, the beauty of which can let the blind see and the deaf hear. The fragrance of our manners reaches the core of human hearts.

Intelligence without kindness can never equal illiteracy with kindness.

No matter who it is, in this dazzling world, everyone is busy with work and passions but the undeniable fact is that a moment of kindness shown to someone might make their day, and give them a moment of joy. Everyone, irrespective of their location or identity, wishes to be treated kindly and gently. But it is also a sobering fact that kindness and kind words are often in short supply, while harsh, flippant remarks are to be found everywhere.

Most of our time is spent with our families and it is often observed that people behave well with others but they lag behind in being kind to their families. This inner personality is mostly exposed at these times. We take familiarity to be an excuse for our harshness and often treat our most beloved people with impatience. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the best of people are the best to their families.

Words have played an overwhelmingly important role to make or break the human spirit. Where swords can’t work, sometimes words can play an important role to give amazing results.

The peak of it is when you do it without expecting a return from people but you do it for the sake of God and it is from God where the rain of miracles falls upon you.

Kindness can calm a huge storm. Often, when people are at their worst, or having outbursts, we respond with anger, which is like adding hot water to an already simmering, overflowing pot of water. Instead, we must first try a kind word. So the Coup De Grace is that we should prepare ourselves and be ready for the errand of mercy, always.


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