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Shouts and shrieks everywhere
Bodies lying here and there
Agonized faces amongst the crowd
Loved ones waiting to be shroud

Cursing destiny for their fate
Amidst the days of horror and hate
Citizens fear to be found and seen
Reporters horrified by the scene

(After 2 years…)

Never too late for a handshake
Neither too real nor too fake
Let’s create history by making amends
Time to join hands and be friends

With great courtesy, both (leaders) embraced
Throwing the past onto its face
A new beginning with a diplomatic vision
Two politicians, and a political mission

The trade deal left both impressed
An agreement passed, to invest
Fate of two nations above the sea
Amidst four hands and a cup of tea

Yet the mother waited for him to return
Unwilling to accept the fate or mourn
The son was no longer in this world
A bitter truth, never to be told

The soldier was brought onto the stage
To honor him for his valor and courage
But his eyes were completely filled
Not by pride, but culpable guilt

The bride was not to be married
As her fiancée was found still and carried
Fear and despair the consequence
Too much of a price, for innocence

While two hands were shaken
Millions of lives had been taken
With a smile, both leaders were lifted high
Leaving the victims alone to cry


  1. Irfan Ahmed Khan

    MashaAllah Dear Suhaib Ahmed Khan,

    I appreciate your talent. impressed with your writing style. Keep it up!

    • IK

      True reflection of the life of victims conveyed through realistic yet impactful words. Masha Allah very well written.


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