Category : POETRY
Author : Ahmed Anzar

In the silence of the night,
While the whole world is asleep.
A seeker seeks answers from the Lord,
He seeks love and peace.
He is looking for hope,
To hold on, to travel from darkness to light.
From darkness of hate, to light of Love.
From darkness of tyranny, to light of Freedom.
From darkness of pain, to light of Ease.
From darkness of the lows of injustice, towards the light of Justice.
From darkness of despair, to light of Hope.
Is it possible to see such a dawn?
The Mind dreams, the Soul seeks, the Heart yearns.
Surely a day will come,
Where all the differences will be solved,
Where all the questions will be answered,
Where all the happenings will be understood,
Of how, when, why it happened will all become clear.


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