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In many local Indian traditions, children are given names in the hope that the meaning would hold some influence on the life of the child. Antim Panghal’s name, an 18 year old Haryana wrestler too holds a similar story. Antim means final or last. “We named our daughter Antim so that we don’t get another daughter as we got four daughters. But we always treated her as our most loved child”, her parents told a leading newspaper recently after she was crowned U-20 world champion in Sofia, Bulgaria. Antim’s story represents the success story of Indian girls in sports, who are defying the stereotypes placed upon them. Indian women find themselves with limited options even for recreational exercise, let alone competitive sports, which is often seen as unladylike, or unsuitable to a woman’s general pattern of life. Despite the name, Antim’s parents also represent the immense support that is often denied to other sports women – despite their financial situation, her father spent whatever little he had on her training and her mother and sisters shifted base to help her train.

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  1. Fatma

    A winner is a front figure of entire team who believed and supported.


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