Oh! What shall I tell you about this revelation?
No words can express my fascination!

Nourishes our souls
Guides us to achieve our goals.

It is the Treasury of Knowledge
Mightier than the sword’s edge.

It can shake the worldly man’s cage
With the poor man’s holds on a page.

With everyone’s life, it deals.
All the hidden wounds it heals.

Strengthens our hearts and opens up our minds.

It’s helpful for everyone whether deaf or blind.

It gives us the courage to fight.
It’s the lamp in the darkest night.

It’s the word of the supreme being.
Teaches us the proper way of living.

Moreover; it opens up the doors of vision
It’s the Qur’an: the final revelation.

Understand it, apply it and give it a read.
To be distinct, to supersede, and to succeed!

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  1. Dr. Z. Ayesha

    Nice, Ma sha Allah..


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