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“If you don’t find me beautiful, please close your eyes or avoid looking at me because I find myself beautiful and worthy in every manner.”

After being associated with the teaching and training profession for years, watching and observing many children of every age group growing up, I’ve observed that our children are being raised to become ordinary individuals, full of doubts. Harsh but the truth.

I remember, a couple of years ago, one day; one of my students came to me with her fairy tale book and asked me to read a story for them. I agreed and started turning the pages and asked her to help me choose the story. She found one and handed me over the book.

The story was about an ugly fairy that was born in a fairyland, where everyone else was beautiful. She used to face discrimination every day and stayed upset. Then something magical happened and things turned out to be better for her (Well, it was a fairytale, where everything gets better magically).

When I finished, I found a lot of teary pairs of eyes staring at me. I was feeling some heaviness in my heart. I sipped water and asked them, how many of you have ever felt the same way as this ugly fairy?

And to my wonder, except for a couple of beautiful faces, everyone else in the class raises their hands, even the class topper.
They were third-graders, hardly 8-9 years old. And at such a young age, they’ve heard unwanted remarks on their appearance, even if they are good at their studies.
Isn’t it disgusting?

Then I encouraged them and strengthened their morale by giving several examples.
I told them, next time if someone ever makes any comment on your appearance, tell them confidently and respectfully,
“If you don’t find me beautiful, please close your eyes or avoid looking at me because I find myself beautiful and worthy in every manner.”
(I’ve no words to express the joy and laughter on their faces after hearing that.)

Unfortunately, relatives, teachers, and even the parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to demoralizing the children.
Do you remember how many times you have heard these:
You are unworthy, good for nothing
You cannot do anything in your life
We’re unfortunate to have you
Look at this and that, how well they are doing…

And our innocent young minds have accepted that they are unworthy, and many of us have proved it with time.
Many kinds of research have proved already that a young mind (up to seven years) acts as a recorder. It records everything it has experienced and, based on those experiences it develops its thinking pattern that works throughout their lives.

Just imagine what would a child become, who has grown up listing that he/she is not worthy?

This is the reason why 98% of the population spends the whole of their lives ordinarily. They have been raised believing that they are unworthy.

I wish our children could hear these lines more often so that their innocent, young minds can accept it and prove it:

You are gorgeous.
You are so intelligent.
You are so knowledgeable.
I cannot beat your smartness.
OMG! How well you did it!
You have excellent etiquette.
You are brave.
And so on…

Make it a habit of saying these things to your young kids and watch them grow up with confidence and blossom!


    • Dr. Kamaljit Kaur

      Its true, you write very wisely. Some children face this problem on age of Adocelences.. In stage of those want especial attention. Kids want attantion, they wont eppercication looks doesn’t matter. But everyone not giving motivation to kids. I like your views and suggestion. Keep writings.

    • Sumit Sharma

      I love Islam,abb time aa gya hai ki hame nafrat ko chor ko sach ko acept krna chahiye,sach j ha Islam is the best religion in the world,nimaz Quran pardha, Allah ke pss j sb hme kanhi nhi milega,i believe in Allah and converted to Islam

  1. Hina

    You are gorgeous writer?

    • Sameena yasmeen

      Absolutely right
      I agree with this

  2. Samreen Fatma

    Thank you everyone ?


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