“The best of you are those who are best to their womenfolk.” –Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

India has achieved massive advancements in technology and urbanization. Yet violence and prejudice against women prevails in our nation. Regrettably, the crime lists against women is too long; it includes sexual violence, acid attacks, assaults, dowry deaths, honor killing, abduction, rape, fetal murder, mental harassment etc. In addition to the GDP decline, the country is failing to uphold women’s rights and dignity.

According to the National Crimes Records Bureau, 88 rape cases were reported per day in India. The primary causes of increased crime include a lack of cooperation at work, a translucent police force, alcoholism and shortage of restrooms. Also, several criminal cases go unreported, which gives power to those perpetrators to repeat violence against women.

A few measures to be taken to ensure women’s safety and dignity:

  1. Changing the patriarchal mindset: Patriarchy has instilled in men a sense of superiority. The society as a whole is responsible for ensuring tha the adult males across the country do not have the audacity to harass or mistreat any female.
    Regulating media:

    Both print and electronic media must bring up relevant issues and exert pressure on decision-making institutions. The objectification of women in the entertainment industry needs to be curtailed. Censorship of sexual content is imperative. A severe ban on pornography, illicit, vulgar, obscene content fundamentally must be placed.
  2. Rendering Justice: The administration, government, police, and court must have effective and responsible law enforcement machinery. Sexual offenses should be punishable by stringent laws. Punishment that is swift, severe, and strict will lessen violence against women in the nation.
  3. Creating awareness: Parents must treat their male and female children equally. Students must receive proper sexual guidance at the appropriate age. In order to find out if something is wrong with their students, teachers must conduct psychosocial counseling sessions in schools and universities and solicit input from the female students
  4. Gearing up on Infrastructure: Streetlights must be maintained, surveillance cameras in remote areas and toilets must be installed. One-stop destinations for victims’ legal, medical and police should be encouraged.
  5. Restricting the usage of alcohol:Alcohol consumption and the use of intoxicating substances should be prohibited at gatherings and the number of alcohol establishments ought to be curbed. Eradication of this evil from society will drastically decrease the number of crimes in any country.
  6. Promoting religious, moral and ethical values:
    • Marriage should be encouraged as early as feasible. Strong marital bonds would act as a deterrent.
    • Shaming and suppressing the reality of female abuse can be prevented.
    • Code of conduct and decency in dress code at workplaces, institutions and public spaces with respect to interaction with the opposite gender.


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