Author : Ummu Ramees
Finally, the school is open. I had been waiting and waiting… Had been really missing the food my best friend used to bring for lunch. As usual mama stuffed the lunch box with so much of her usual menu carefully prepared with the support of the maid. And she did not forget her usual instructions like “you should finish the whole thing, no need to share with any one, not to eat anything that others offer etc.. As I entered the classroom my eyes were searching for my buddy. The moment I saw him I could get the aroma of Desi food which his mother cooks for him from local ingredients. It was a long wait till lunch break. He rushed towards me and it looked like he had been waiting more than me for that moment. We exchanged the lunch boxes. His was not as full as mine. I ate it in such a hurry as though I had been starving for many days. What surprised me is his comment on my mama’s food. “I liked it a lot. Wanting to eat the whole thing but kept some for my elder sister too as she would also be happy to eat it. Our parents are so poor that we cannot even dream of such food.”


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