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Author : Misbah Maheen
The earth is life and soil is its identity an identity which holds on to diversity and beautifully fetches and nourishes everything. If school is the soil then students are the trees education is the rain which fetches it every tree is different but the rain of knowledge is spread justly. every tree is unique so as every student these trees are rooted in faith and nourished by knowledge and education. every faith is different and unique from the cross, to the turban from the veil, to the hijab it’s diversified and beyond. just as everyone is different every faith is different too I decorate my head with my hijab it’s my crown and my pride this is my faith and my identity it’s the peace of my heart and the pride of my soul broken glasses can never get back so does a broken faith Oh! WORLD I REQUEST YOU TO NOT TAKE AWAY MY HIJAB MY IDENTITY MY PRIDE OH! WORLD I REQUEST TO NOT TAKE AWAY MY HIJAB…

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  1. Hazima

    Beautifully written poem


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