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At times, you may be prompted by one reason or the other to smash the refresh button of your life. Perhaps, you are overcoming addiction, yearning for a change in your monotonous life to make it meaningful, or simply rebuilding your spiritual self. Regardless of the rocky road and the raging waters you have faced, it is always good to take a new road ahead, more rewarding than the previous one, by simply starting all over again but with stronger foundations.

Step 1:
Sacrificing the Comfort Zone

Creating a change and embracing it is, however, challenging. Most of us are unwilling to sacrifice the soothing effect of our comfort-zones when we know we need to take the road less travelled by. Uncertainty strikes us next when we are still figuring out what change we need to make or rethinking whether that change can turn a stormy sea into calm waters. However, it’s here that one needs to keep aside all fears, feel brave, and take the conscious step of embracing a change no matter how late it is or how tough it can be. They say it’s better to overcome the hurdles life throws at you than stagnate and gather moss.

You could be working in the same bureau for the last five years, in the same position, doing precisely the same thing, and it’s not that you dislike your work. But, the idea of continuing the same job for the next 5 or 10 years frightens you. You want to achieve more or perhaps do something completely different altogether.

Or it could be that you’re financially stable and maybe working towards your next promotion. But somehow, you’re not entirely satisfied with your job no matter how high your pay gradation because it’s not the chunk of money you earn that makes you happy or motivates you, instead, it’s the inner satisfaction you are trying to seek.

Step 2:
Identifying the Source of Problems

There’s something just missing, and you want to fill in the blank space. And yet, it feels like it’s too late to leave all that certainty behind only to embark on an entirely new journey of life.

Why is that so many of us are afraid to pursue something ambitious for ourselves, shutting down the doors of opportunity and potential because we think it’s too late to start afresh – or that we have already crossed the age bar to create something?

Step 3:
Set Aside Your Fears

Age is just a number written on papers. It’s not a factor that should determine your ambitions or limit your capabilities. But there’s more to it. The decision to make a change goes beyond external factors like time and age. It’s about you and your ability to accept and have the determination to break free from your existing situation.

The main reason why you think it’s likely it’s too late to start over is simply that you’re comparing yourself with others. You’re comparing yourself with younger or more successful individuals when you should only be comparing yourself to the older version of yourself.

Whether it’s the stresses and strains of your job or the lack of satisfaction you get from your work, or the still feeling of not being able to climb up the ladder of success, you have to decide if you want to break down the walls of uncertainty and fear you have built or continue to let them enclose you.

Step 4:
Don’t Sow Regrets, Fly!

Don’t be that person who let’s life pass by only to regret it in old age. Don’t let your life drain away from your strength under the sun for the next twenty years. Don’t give up on the potential you possess in your current state.

Become ten times more efficient at 40+ than you could ever be at 20. Start pursuing the things you wanted to do all your life without giving up on your current roles and responsibilities. Undo your outlook and revitalise yourself back to when life was still full of dreams and possibilities. But this time, wake up and start to achieve them.


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