Alhamdulillah, Aura is actively working to educate, inspire and empower its readers with high quality and intellectually stimulating content.

The video on health and gender was very enlightening. Equally informative were articles on healthcare services as they provided the readers the health perspective of women in these tough pandemic times.

All articles were well written but I was particularly impressed by the brilliant ideas put forth in the article, “Socio-Moral Institution in Islam” by Ms. Ayesha Sultana. The idea that family is the basic unit of a society and that Islamic teachings organize it in such a way that it operates as a society in miniature, was very fascinating. Her calculation that about one-third of the legal injunctions of the Quran are related to the family and its proper regulation, is an eye-opener and signifies the centrality of familial regulations in the overall scheme of shariah. The main cause of our social crises is our deviation from the beautiful scheme of Islamic shariah. Marriage is a simple contract between two consenting adults which is regulated by a set of simple principles, but our traditions have turned it into the biggest financial liability of a middle class family. The meticulousness, with which rights, roles and duties of husband and wife are laid down, is a natural guarantor of harmonious marital life. The author has rightly pointed that reliance on baseless traditions and deviation from Islamic teachings is the main source of many social menaces. I feel, we need more detailed elaboration as to what role women can play in restoring our family fundamentals as envisaged in the Quran and Sunnah.

Congratulations to the whole AURA team for providing such a beautiful platform for women to raise their voices and to make the world listen to them. This refreshing experience is the testimony to the huge and under-utilized talent pool of Indian Muslim women and I hope their bold and thought-provoking creations will generated much needed energy to break inertia and initiate positive change. Wish and pray for all the best. Aameen.

– Dr Nazneen Sadat, MSC PhD in Environmental Science, Life Coach

I congratulate the esteemed Aura e-Magazine editorial board for coming up with wonderful themes reflecting the empowerment of women in all fields. The articles focus on economic, political, technological, legal as well as spiritual aspects, pointing out the key issues of human society with remedies and also boosting the positive spirit in the hearts and minds of the readers.  I wish and pray to the Almighty that Aura would become the most widely recognized and prestigious magazine, as it covers all the latest news with well-researched facts and information, laid out in an easy to follow format.

– Dr Khyser Anjum, Professor and Director, IQAC, Department of Business Management, Telangana University



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