Mom, I don’t know where to start, because you are my everything. From teaching to walking to everything, you gave me the best. I thought of sharing about you because you deserve it. You faced many lot of things in your life. You sacrificed many things for us. You struggled.

Yet you never drop your smile, just the way you never give up struggles.

You are the first and truest inspiration for me. You are my best friend.

I know how hard it was leaving a family behind and entering to a new one.

I know how adjustment and change is a part of life.

But facing everything at the age of just 14 is not that easy. I know you got married early and I know the struggles you faced. For 14 years, you didn’t have children. And I know how this society treated you for not having children.

I know the days you ate on the floor for the sake of your children.

I know how the days you cried alone for us.

But at last, we were born after 14 years.

You never distinguished between my brother and me. You never differentiated us.

I know I was born in the 7th month and doctors said there was no hope.

But you never gave up and made me the girl I am now.

I know how someone treated you for being poor. I know how you struggled to run a family with just 100 rupees a day. I know how you wished to go to school. I know how you wished to have a beautiful life.

I know you lost your smile the day we lost brother. I know how you cried for losing one in two. I know how you struggled to not to show your pain. But even through your pain, you stood by me. You became my shadow in every situation.

I never told you how much I loved you.

You always say stand for yourself.

Earn for yourself.

May be I can write a whole book for you mom.

But for now, these were just the few lines I had to share with you.


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