Author : Sehba Eram

She’s a ray of light

And she’ll never stop shining,

She is the one

Who illuminates our whole sky.

Every night

She lulls us to sleep

While lying awake herself,

Thinking what she’ll do next.

Ever realized

That she is the one

Giving us the most happiness,

Whilst herself concealing

All her despair?

She works day and night

Just to see us shine.

But we know one day

We’ll follow her path,

And she’ll lead us to greatness.

She never would give up on us,

Even when we did.

We’ll never be able to repay

The acts of kindness

Mother did.

Bless her, our Lord,

Bless her.

A lilt is heard from afar,

“Rabbir humhuma

Kama Rabbiyani sagheera”

Merciful God!

Have compassion on her

Who held me in my infancy

To steady my wobbling footsteps,

To guide me along

My way.


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