Category : TECH TIPS
Author : Farha Tamanna
Considering the considerable and significant intrusion of social network into our everyday lives, securing liberty, safety and security on social media platforms is of prime importance.

But speaking in the light of reality that women experience twice the amount of harassment than men on these platforms, it is certain that a concerted attempt to shut out feminine voices is being practiced on these platforms.’Sulli Deals’ is only the most recent example. Social media is designed for everybody to share their perceptions and opinions regardless of their gender, but the oppressors silence the feminine voice specifically to obstruct our flourishing minds. While demanding equality in the offline world, we should also be conscious of ensuring equality in the online world.

Social media is shifting in our lives from mere entertainment to a necessity, so there should be considerable decrease in cyber harassment against women in every platform of social media ranging from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

According to the International Federation for Journalists (IFJ), one in two women journalists are experiencing online abuse and hate speech, which consequently affects their work and psychological stability. Gender inequality in online harassment is a democratic problem, challenging the fundamental right to expression and speech.

Today, living in the world’s largest democracy, under a well-drafted constitution, in which liberation is guaranteed to all irrespective of identity, a question is being asked by many Indian women, who are weighed down under the trauma of everyday harassment: are we not worthy of respect and dignity? The silence is deafening.


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