Happy to know that Aura e-magazine is making progress. The magazine will not only contribute to empowering women but also enhance their intellectual capabilities. It comes at a time when thousands of young Muslim girls get admissions at premier universities across India and abroad. Aura should cater to the needs of these young Muslim girls as well as other educated Muslim women, presenting Qur’an and Hadith in a modern way, answering questions on contemporary issues, and publishing articles on career development and new job opportunities. Aura’s presence only on the Internet and social media is not a demerit but it reflects a modern trend. It increases its reach not only in India but also around the world. Two three pages can be allocated to highlight major political, economic and social developments in the previous month, giving small headlines to each event.

Former senior translator, sub editor and reporter of Arab News.

As a retired educator and having a good bond with Muslim women, I always appreciate their sincere efforts to reshape women’s subjectivity and regain their rights and make Muslim women visible in the public again. I applaud the efforts of Aura and its team.
I like the use of language, as it is easy to understand when compared to other magazines that have more complex language. The layouts are modern and up-to-date. I like the honest but equally unbiased views used in expressing freedom of women and the topics covered in each section of the Freedom Special. The pictures make a big impact and are edited well.The magazine is not overloaded with information.
Terms like Democracy, Republic are well explained and even women with less political knowledge can understand these terms easily. The words “Real beauty is when you wear a smile on your face and you are confident about the way you are…” touched my heart in the article “Celebrating Freedom Through Self-Expression.” I really appreciate the fatherhood interview. I suggest that articles related to self development can be included in each issue.

Retired English Professor, Anwar ul Uloom College.


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