Palestinians are facing forced evacuation from their own homes. They are tortured in jails and injured severely for refusing to evacuate. They are made prisoners in their own lands. As a matter of fact, many Muslims do not know the importance of the Bait al Maqdas in Islam. Our children are not aware of its nobility and virtues. They don’t have any knowledge about the rich and profound Islamic history of Palestine. Many Prophets were born and buried in Palestine. Quds was invaded by disbelievers many times but at last, by the will and help of Allah, it was conquered by Muslims and finally we got back what once belonged to us.

So I feel that it is imperative for us to teach our children about Masjid al Aqsa. To give them the right knowledge about the holy mosque and its importance. To make them feel the pain of their fellow Muslim children. So that they are able to make dua for them. It is our duty as Muslim parents to teach our children about the Prophets and their origin, about the lives they lived, so that they are not mislead by the false propaganda of Israel.

I’m also attaching a letter that was made by my four-year old son in solidarity with Palestinian children.


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