Category : POETRY
Author : Iman Shakeel

As my ship sails through the sea of life,
I am stricken by a violent storm
My boat upturns, and I’m left behind
No one to help, no one to hear
I wish someone could help me
Hear me and heal me
As I face the mighty waves,
My heart feels weak and fragile
The wind is roaring, and the echoes are howling
I wonder if I can survive
And if ever the rescue will arrive?
Who do I turn to? Cry my heart out to?
I can no longer resist the pain
I cry and struggle but in vain
Now I turn to Allah- the Mighty One
Because He gives me hope
And lets me cope
In His words, I find peace
“With every difficulty, there comes ease.”
Now my heart comes to a rest
Retrospecting calmly, I knew it was a test
The storm has now stopped to rage
And I have started to cool down
Knowing this for a fact:
Allah will never abandon me or leave me
He will help me, heal me and guide me
To his love and mercy
Now I rejoice and sail through the sea of life
With Allah in my heart, I will never fret
About the past, present and the rest.


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