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The year, Should be a blessed one for me and you, When the long anxious nights will be vanishing, I hope the sun ahead will be bright and promising. The year I want it to be: Is no more George Floyds please! Let his brethren live at ease, Even after million protests, still the impious dirty racism doesn’t cease. ‘White man’s burden’ yeah, right, As if you were tortured and they were considered might, A knock on your conscience, this is not right! This stupid ideology won’t be destroyed unless it is everyone’s fight! COVID 19 caused a worldwide mess, Even the most joyous came under immense stress, I am tired of matching masks with my dress, I wish vaccination a great success! The life I want it to be, Should be clean and pollution free, I want the people to realize before it’s too late, That this our only chance to reinstate. I want them to know, That there is no alternative home, where there is oxygen and life, where there is rain and snow. Tsunamis, earthquakes, sea level and floods are increasing, Behind them perhaps, there is some apparent meaning, It’s high time we take measures to protect our Earth against climate change and global warming. Corruption should be hanged to death, Let the poor man breathe a peaceful breath! The words ‘rape’ and ‘rapist’, Should not exist, A safe and equal society should be established, Women should duly be honoured and respected! The days I want them to be, Are days filled with love and peace. I want the wars of Syria and elsewhere to end, No more orphans! No more dead! No more blood! No more tears of sorrow to be shed! I want the kids to study instead! To go to school like others do, Share the lovely trip to school with their fathers, To leave with a lunch box, without missing the forehead kiss of their mothers. Oh my dear brothers and sisters of Palestine! Don’t lose hope, for Allah won’t let your sufferings go in vain, As promised, Masjid-al-Aqsa, we shall regain, Be it today tomorrow or any day, It will be a thousand times worth more than this pain! In 2022 I want to witness, A world full of justice and happiness. I want it to be the best year till today, For I want the cycle of even better years to continue from that day. But for a world like this, First jealousy, corruption and hatred should be eliminated, So that we live with love and care unlimited!


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