Really enjoyed reading the article on “academic mothers”. Being an academic mother myself, I could relate to most instances discussed.
I suggest that when you have taken measures to include researchers from different major cities in India, questions on how they have survived in a city and managed child care could also have been brought up. This is a very relevant query and most women give up their plans of pursuing PhDs in the most desirable atmosphere in India and abroad, citing doubts about moving to another city and due to anxieties
about child care.

Neatly written article indeed, covers every aspect of the grave and harsh situation education system is going through in these times of pandemic. Sajida has put forth the point of view of everyone very elaborately, be it that of teachers, parents or children. Children need social interaction for their overall growth. They need to be in an environment with other children of their own age. A school fulfills this need along with learning.
Online learning being a new concept in country like ours has its own drawbacks: connectivity issues, expensive gadgets and learning to handle them are major problems with virtual learning. This article will serve as eye opener for concerned authorities as it points out the problems with virtual schooling or online learning.



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