Category : FAMILY
Author : A'esha Subhan

If I could turn back the ticking clock,
The doors of the past, if I could unlock;
Given another chance to parent my flock,
I’d reinforce their Faith in “The Lord of The Worlds”,
For if you ask, you shall be heard.
I’d reiterate the value of constant Prayer,
For if you seek, He shall answer.
I’d teach them to be patient and never lose hope,
He can deliver you from the steepest slope.
If their childhood, I could rewrite,
I’d run with them and splash in the rain.
We’d climb a tree and fly a kite.
I’d tell stories into the starry night.
If I could raise them once again,
I’d skip with them and hike rough terrain.
And won’t berate them for broken window panes.
I’d let them cycle and skate in the lanes,
Carefree, fearless, with free rein.
I’d look to the sky for more rainbows,
Learn to overlook their scruffy toes.
I’d get them to do somersaults and cartwheels,
Cherish and revel in their giggles and squeals.
Together we’d watch the moon and the setting sun,
Encourage them to play and have more fun.

Smell the flowers,
And caress the grass
Run wild and chase butterflies
For Time, you see how quickly it flies!
Walk down the beach and pick seashells,
Or just smooth, coloured pebbles.
Build more castles in the sands,
Stop fretting about those grimy hands.
Sometimes let them create a mess,
Gaze lovingly at their smiles instead.
We’d blow lots of soap bubbles,
Never fall short of hugs and cuddles.
Travel the world and explore its grounds,
The Earth is so vast and profound.
The magic of nature will leave them spellbound.
I wouldn’t worry over the uneaten veggies.
And once in a while let them eat just cheese.
Or pizza, burgers and coke and fries,
Let them bunk school and miss homework,
At times to display a mischievous spark.
To laugh aloud and fart out loud,
And of their quirkiness to be proud.
I’d tell them they were unique even if ordinary,
To never buckle to a bully or submit to an adversary.
That they were free to speak their mind,
I’d loosen the shackles which restrain and bind.
And let their imagination soar in the wind,
I’d tell them to aspire, hope and plan,
Believe in themselves and they certainly can.

Persevere and reach out for the stars,
Paint life in a myriad colours.
That they were as strong as their brothers.
I’d stress on being modest, humble and just,
Reinforce the values of empathy and trust.
I’d tutor them never ever to judge,
For each one is a path that they must trudge.
Life is too short to hold a grudge,
Forgive and let go of the past’s clutch.

I’d learn to ignore academic grades and scores,
Knowledge is all around, wake up and open the doors.
There’s more to studies than lessons at school,
Passion for learning is a survivor’s tool.
I’d teach them to rise after every fall,
To ignore detractors and stand tall.
Tears are cathartic, it’s okay to cry,
Life is full of losses and unsaid goodbyes.

I’d build confidence and self-esteem,
Motivate them to pursue their dream.
And to never surrender to oppression,
Fight tooth and nail against subjugation.
To be the clear voice of sanity and reason,
Even when rivals declare, ‘Open Season’,
Focus on the journey, not the destination.
There’s no such thing as perfection,
For all are flawed.
That’s how we’ve been fashioned by our God.
So heed not to the din and the rancour,
For champions often stoop to conquer.


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