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Our fifteenth issue is one dedicated to mothers – whether new or old, struggling or thriving, happy or exhausted…To mothers of all kinds, all shades and all emotional states. We have invited doctors from across specializations to talk about the need for safe motherhood, and offer their best strategies to make the lives of mothers easier in the early days of their journey. Additionally, our young writers and poets have dedicated some of their poems to their own mothers, which we have featured here.

Eid is also around the corner; a moment of celebration and family time. As one of our writers ponders, what does it mean to celebrate when one is in difficult times? After two years of the pandemic, many families have reunited once again. But the pandemic and the inevitability of time have taken away many of our loved ones from our shared tables and joys. The obligatory nature of the shared celebration that is Eid is a marker that we must not lose ourselves to despair even in these extremely polarizing times where the barest affirmations of dignity and survival are being attacked by hatemongering forces.


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