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Author : By Aura Staff
1) First tell us a bit about your professional journey – your designation, where you work and how long you have been a nurse. Schedule.

Ans: I did my BSc. (Hons) Nursing from Jamia Hamdard. I live in Delhi. I started to explore the practical field of Nursing 4 months after completing my degree. I am working as a staff nurse in Indraprastha Apollo, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.

2) Why did you choose to go into the field of nursing?

Ans: After class 10th, my aim was crystal clear to become a medical graduate but due to some circumstances and my destiny, my studies lead to me ending up as a Nursing Graduate.

3) What are the biggest challenges in your field and profession?

Ans. After the payscale, the shift timings are the major challenge.

4) Many nurses that we see are often migrants working very far away from their homes and towns. Is this very difficult for women?

Ans. Yes, it is difficult for a woman nurse to balance the tough schedules and private life, whether she lives in a hostel or on rent.

5) People often treat nurses with little respect while doctors get greater attention. But nurses do a great amount of work. In your experience, what role do nurses play in the medical set-up?

Ans. According to me, nurses are the backbone of the medical field. Without them, patient care isn’t possible. Doctors give orders but nurses act upon them to save people’s lives.

6) Finally – one thing you wish people knew about what it means to be a nurse, but don’t. Share it with our readers.

People mostly think that “sisters” have little knowledge or that they can’t handle critical situations. On the contrary, nurses are the primary persons who act in these situations and save people’s lives. They also deserve the respect (& pay scale) that doctors get.


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